Appreciating our loyal customers and website visitors, we proudly present the best quality services of Senobar Company which has been founded since 2000 and has been working in the field of printing and packing supplies for seventeen years by hard-working of Farmanesh family and its staff.

Our Company presents all printing and lithography supplies and parts to meet a wide range of its customers' needs in five branches over the country.






We indicated the approach of Senobar Company as Farmanesh family to identify our pathway and by focusing on providing high quality customer services, we have had a bold and continuous presence in this huge industry.

Considering that one of the goals of Senobar Company has been trying to meet the respected printing shops owners' demands in the direction of high quality of UV, INK, THERMAL LAMINATION FILM and all printing supplies, this company imports its exclusive brands including Pinery Ternel Leon as well as sales representative of domestic Inks under IRAN SOLMAZ INK brand name which is the highest production rank in Iran.

The management of the company believes that our current position is rooted in our past belief.

The company could stablish a good communication with the customers due to its enthusiastic and knowledgeable team in printing industry and knowing the market and has tried to meet all the customers' needs as a supermarket.


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