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Thanks to all customers and vistors of our website, we inform that the Senobar Company has started to work since 1379 with 16 years of bright experiences & with the Farmanesh family efforts and group of  active staff in the field of Printing supplies and packaging or Wrapping around Iran.This company is one of the pioneers in supplying all the bounds and  printing products, Lithography parts or components which can meet a wide range of customers' needs and providing services in form of 5 branches around Iran. more...

  1. Printing supplies

    1-Different foreign Ink such as panery & Ternal
    2-Different Penton  & Fluorescent& metalize  ink
    3-Different Iranian ink( Iran and Solmaz)
    4-Alcohol brand ( LG sasole and Original Petrocom
    5-A variety of Opaque and glossy patent and  Iranian and foreign ether base
    6-Rubber and under rubber of cylinder due to GTO  double sheets machines  and 405 sheets and newspaper
    7-Various Iranian and foreign drugs
    8-Various powder drier and  Pulp descaling and light fabric and Two fabric Super Blue in various sizes
    9-Tale of inkwell and adhesive tale – adhesive for under stone of inkwell and protective sponges
    10-Foam board and SPA fiber cut and Oil pumps Germany
    11-Different  Iranian and foreign adhesive stands & warm adhesive rubber and glossy adhesive  and phycsole adhesive
    12-Various printing belts of Anti-solvent gloves and rubber spatula and  rubber hollow pipe

  2. Components

    1-Different blade  rolled of passion propeller of  2 GTO sheet and 4.5 sheet
    2-The machine of lie -Niger propeller score and GTA
    3-Different Wrenches in various sizes
    4-Step and GTO Steel
    5-Bush Salaheyeh with Mahak
    6-Bush propeller pressure
    7-SBB chain claws
    8-Line perforating blade and cross
    9-Letterpress tray 72.77.82
    10-Take 2 Springs and springs 3 steps
    11-Different Refrigerator rounded  filters
    12-Thin Plastic reels for paper & cardboard

  3. Lithography

    1-Different xings of  PS & CTP plate in various sizes
    2-All of developing materials or drugs advent of  Lithography
    3-Refrigerator filters and processors
    4-Esther for under Xing – Drug retouching
    5-Thinner and additive markers

  4. After printing

    1-Types of thermal and matte film
    2-Gold and silver metallized
    3-Stretch Velvet and Jacquard
    4-Cylinder UV Silk Sandy
    5-Bookbinding adhesives and plastics

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